For the uninitiated Masonic Knowledge may be of academic interest or simply curiosity, but for the Freemason it is life study.

The Freemason however has obligated himself to make a daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge so as to improve his life, the lives of those around him and society as a whole.

From the sections in this web site that deal with Masonic knowledge you can learn a great deal about the Craft but just as with any philosophy, one needs a mentor who can guide and help understand the deeper meanings that are contained in that knowledge.

Our mentors, our Past Masters are there for the Mason to seek that guidance and instruction.

This Patterson Grey web site has a navigation button for “links” and there you will find many Web Sites that are sanctioned buy us and as time goes on that list will be expanded to include any further sites that our Education Chairman is recommending. There will also be listed other resources that can be used to help further your Masonic knowledge