January 28th, 2020

Official Visit & Annual Patterson Grey Burns Dinner

December 17th, 2019

90th Birthday Celebration for M.W. Bro Ronald E. Groshaw

October, 2015

Installation & Investiture – Patterson Grey Lodge No. 265

September, 2014

Installation – Patterson Grey Lodge No. 265

November, 2013

Bro. Constantinos Dallis being raised to the 3rd degree

September, 2013

Installation of Patterson-Grey Officers 2013-2014

January 25, 2011

A taste of Burns night at Patterson-Grey

Celebrated on 25 January, Burns Night is a particularly special time for Scots, when they remember the birthday of their esteemed poet and fellow countryman, Robert or ‘Rabbie’ Burns (1759-1796).

What a better night to have the Official DDGM visit and confer a Degree to a Scot. Bro. Brian Wallace was passed to the Fellowcraft Degree.

This year’s Burns Night banquet reached a new plateau of excellence. Coinciding with the Official Visit of the DDGM of Toronto Don Valley District R.W. Bro Michael Litvak, it turned out to be a very long but particularly meaningful and enjoyable event in the history of our Lodge having started at 6:30 P.M., and winding up at close to 9:00 P.M.

The brethren and guests were mostly present by 6:30 when the head table was piped in by Bro. Eric Davies, the District Piper and introduced by the banquet MC. The Piper then retired to pipe in the Haggis. Carried in by W. Bro. Steven Lipton and accompanied by R.W. Bro Wally Mitchell the Haggis was set down in front of the head table and addressed by R.W. Bro. Mitchell with the immortal words of Robbie Burns. R.W. Bro. Mitchell then toasted the Haggis in the traditional Burns Night manner with enthusiastic participation of the brethren.

After the appropriate expression of thanks to R.W. Bro. Mitchell and the hearty applause of the brethren, Bro Mugur Padure was called upon and recited the Selkirk Grace. The Worshipful Master, Gerry Rubinstein, gave the toast to the Queen and the Craft and then a fine roast beef dinner was served buffet style.

With dinner well under way the MC, W. Bro. Stephen Maizels, asked all of the gentlemen present who had made application to the Lodge but not yet initiated to stand. Nine were counted and two more gentlemen who had come to learn a little of Masonry also were recognized.

The MC then spoke of the “Immortal Memory” tradition of Burns Night all over the World and Bros Al Nicholiaides and Will Kostoglou played the various Burns night videos that had been arranged as part of that tradition. The first was an animated portrait of Burns speaking the words of his poem Auld Lang Syne of which he was the composer. Next was a rousing rendering of Auld Lang Syne by a famous Scottish bagpipe “pop music” group named The Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Finally we watched the Corryvrechan Scottish Dance Team performing at Kilkenny Castle.

Another video presentation followed that left the brethren stunned. It was a speech by a professional Shakespearian actor in the role of Benjamin Franklin explaining Freemasonry and the quality of a freemason. The video was so powerful that it overwhelmed even the most established of the masons present and made a huge impact on the non masons in the room.

How appropriate that W.Bro. Eric Lakien then delivered the eulogy that he had given on Sunday lastat the funeral of our dear lamented brother, Mark Wiseman. His very emotional words that followed the piper playing Amazing Grace, were a great tribute to Mark, the man and the mason and to his family, but were also an accolade to the brethren of our Lodgeand the other Lodges who had responded so well to the financial appeal that W. Bro. Lakien had made. It was hoped that Bro. Mark would have treatment at the Masonic Cancer Center in Minnesota and the funds were to help defray the cost of the extensive stay there for the family. But this was not to be and the family had asked that the money be refunded to the donors. Our Worshipful Master then expressed his very strong sentiment on the great compassion that had been shown to Bro. Mark by his dear friend and brother W. Bro. Lakien. W. Bro. Maizels made the connection between the theme of the Benjamin Franklin video and the very special deeds of W. Bro. Lakien and all of the brethren who had responded to his appeal.

Desert was then served followed by the Toast to Grand Lodge given by Bro. Ovidiu Muresan and responded to by the DDGM, R.W. Bro. Michael Litvak who again addressed the events concerning Bro. Wiseman and how proud he was of the actions of all concerned. The toast to the candidate Bro. Brian Wallace wasgiven by Bro. Savvas Xanthopoulos who spoke of the renowned Wallace name in the history of Scotland and association with Robbie Burns. Bro. Wallace responded by committing to do his best to be an active member of the Lodge, especially as his grandfather, a Scottish mason, was going to affiliate.

Bro. Ray Parsi gave a humorous but very warm toast to the Visitors and it was responded to by the senior warden of Mount Sinai Pillars Lodge, W. Bro. Neil Friedman and also by Bro. Marc Ovender, a visitor from Colonnade Lodge no 7220 UGL London England.

The toast to absent brethren was followed by the well received toast to All Poor and Distressed Freemasons, coupled with name of V.W. Bro. Dave Todd who is recovering from very recent heart surgery.

Following very brief remarks by the Worshipful Master, the Junior Warden, Bro. Edmund Zarour gave his traditional final toast ….”Happy to meet again”.

Ben Franklin on what is Freemasonary

Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Auld Lang Syne

Corryvrechan Scottish Dance Team at Kilkenny - Castle

October 28, 2010

A Unique Educational Experience from England

Prestonian Lecture 2010 - "Music in Masonry & Beyond"

delivered by W. Bro. Wayne Buffett Warlow – Prestonian Lecturer 2010 - United Grand Lodge of England

The Prestonian Lecture is named after William Preston, the noted English ritualist, who left a bequest in 1818 to fund “some well-informed Freemason to deliver annually a Lecture on the First, Second, or Third Degree of the Order of Masonry.”

Since that date, the nomination of the annual Prestonian Lecturer has been considered to be one of the most prestigious appointments in the field of masonic research. There have been many famous Prestonian Lecturers over the years and, ever since, the subjects of the lecture have been extended beyond the three degrees of Freemasonry.

Each Prestonian Lecturer has provided the Craft with information on a wide number of subjects that are of interest to freemasons worldwide.

The Prestonian Lecture is the only lecture held under the authority of the United Grand Lodge of England and, with the exception of the years 1940-46, regular appointments have been made annually since 1924 to the present day.

This year, on October 26, 2010, Patterson-Grey Lodge was honored to host the 2010 Prestonian Lecture titled "Music in Masonry & Beyond" and delivered by W. Bro. Wayne Buffett Warlow – Prestonian Lecturer 2010 - United Grand Lodge of England.

Prestonian Lecture 2010 - Photo Gallery


The Prestonian Lecture in Lodge was preceded by a very enjoyable and entertaining festive board. The District Piper, Bro. Eric Davies piped in the D.D.G.M., R.W. Bro Michael Litvak, P.G.M. M.W. Bro. Ron Groshaw, Members of the Board of General Purpose, R.W. Bros. Glen Hazlet, Fred Halpern and Charles Reid, the Assistant Grand Chaplain V.W. Bro. Graham, Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Gerry Rubinstein and the 2010 Prestonian Lecturer of the Grand Lodge of England, W. Bro. Wayne Warlow, Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden.

W. Bro. Maizels acting as Director of Ceremonies introduced the head table to great applause from the brethren and Bro. Mugur Padure recited a Grace very appropriate to the occasion. The W.M. gave the toast to the Queen and the Craft and the banquet commenced.

In respect of the tradition of our Grand Lodge of England guest, the Worshipful Master took wine with W. Bro. Warlow, then with the head table guests, and finally with all of the brethren. W. Bro. Vag was kept busy taking digital pictures for the Lodge archives etc.

Following a fine main course meal, Bro. Shawn Groberg gave a meaningful Toast to Grand Lodge which was responded to by our D.D.G.M. R.W. Bro. Michael Litvak. Then, W. Bro. Maizels toasted the Grand Lodge of England and our guest lecturer, which received resounding applause and W. Bro. Warlow responded to the toast and spoke briefly about the Prestonian Lecture and the theme of his 2010 Lecture.

R.W. Bro. Murray Lampert, our Education Chairman eloquently toasted the visitors and V.W. Bro. Paul Skazen responded in like manner. Two toasts used in English Lodges, Absent Brethren and All Poor and Distressed Masons were also given and were well received by the brethren.

The Junior Wardens Toast came at almost exactly 7:30 PM.


W. Bro. Warlow started his lecture by summarising as follows “During the course of the presentation, well-known musical links to Freemasonry are, of course covered, and references are made to many distinguished musicians who were also enthusiastic Freemasons.”

He said the underlying thrust of the lecture, however, is far broader and is in essence a non-technical and accessible examination of the nature of music itself and its often subliminal emotional and psychological impact on the human mind.

The brethren were rapidly whisked away to the wonderful world of music as W. Bro. Warlow played an unusual version of “Name that tune, composer, or performer”, and broadened to illustrate Masonic influence in both classical and modern music and, in reverse, music’s influence in Masonry. An explanation of its connections in Britain, Europe, and America, also identified many of the composers and show-biz performers whose works and names we have long known and admired, as also being our brothers in Freemasonry.

He referred to the booklet of his Lecture the preparation of which is mandatory for all Prestonian Lecturers and he played the music from a CD that forms an integral part of his Lecture. At one point he moved to the Organ in the Lodge room and demonstrated how different notes and chords conjure up different thoughts and emotions. He also demonstrated the pitch of a wine glass with water at different levels and played some CD music created by an instrument based on this method.

The lodge room presentation, which involved some amusing audience participation, saw four volunteer brethren acting out movements to the sound of “633 Squadron”. This was followed by a simulation of rocking a baby to sleep while “Lullaby” was played to the audience. The final mime was Espana Cani which had all the participating Brethren flamenco dancing on the square!

Then W. Bro. Warlow moved into a routine based on Auld Lang Syne, the world famous poem and song of Masonic Poet Laureate, Robbie Burns ending with a “Masonic Chain”.

W. Bro. Warlow thanked the brethren who had participated in the “floor work” and all of the brethren present for their kind attention. He then advised the brethren that the book of the Lecture and the CD are available for purchase after the close of Lodge at the cost of $10 each. (Many were purchased) He said that all profits from the sales of the Prestonian Lecture 2010 book and CD will be donated to DebRA (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association, The Royal Society of Musicians, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, and The Royal Masonic Benevolent Fund.

After a standing ovation for W. Bro. Warlow, The Worshipful Master asked both W. Bros. Warlow and Maizels to meet him on the floor of the Lodge. The W.M. thanked W. Bro. Warlow and presented him with the three volume CD set of 1200 Masonic Books that Bro. Ken Kakoullis of Patterson Grey Lodge has created to raise money for the District Charity and to educate and inform the brethren. W. Bro. Maizels presented him with a copy of the book, The First Grand Master-William Mercer Wilson. Most of the brethren present had signed the inside cover as a memento for W. Bro. Warlow. W. Bro Maizels also suggested that the Gilbert and Sullivan “sausage roll” be “Canadianized” to a “Hot Dog”.

W. Bro. Warlow again thanked the Lodge for facilitating his Lecture and for his warm Masonic welcome.

It should be noted that in a truly Masonic gesture, W. Bro. Warlow left a good number of his Lecture Booklets and CDs with our Lodge with the provision that we can sell them and direct half of the proceeds to our District Charity.

October 04, 2010

This new Web Site is just another indication of not just a face lift, but in fact a rebirth of Patterson Grey Lodge. Under the dedicated, informed and intelligent leadership of our Worshipful Master, Gerry Rubinstein, a detailed plan, program and extended management structure has been developed and the theme he has adopted is FUEL, Fun Unity, Education and Leadership.

We have a great roster of 6 current Entered Apprentices and 6 excellent candidates who have made or are making application for initiation. Past Masters who have not been active recently are taking on responsibilities and will now help show the way and assist in meaningful ways.

As they say in the advertising business “Watch this space” as the plan unfolds and the Lodge grows happy and healthy into the second decade of the 21st century.